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About SEO San Francisco

Why SEO San Francisco?

Hi, My name is Alex Anderson. I am the owner of I have been in the internet marketing business for many years, and I am an expert who specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many business owners do not realize that Google has its own way of choosing which website to show up high in the search engine. The concept and optimization of search engines is something a computer geek like me can do. Google uses a predictable formula, and I have spent many years studying Google, specifically in SEO. Two major factors that Google looks at when it comes down to ranking in its free search listing. It looks at the website itself, which also known as on-page factors, and also look for what links are coming into the website from other sites, which is also known as off-page factors. All these factors take into account for websites to feature highly in search engine. For the links that come from other websites, the quality and relevance of the links are very important. Google looks for natural linking and penalizes all unnatural linking. I am very aware of these factors and I give Google optimized things that it is looking for. It is the basic core concept of SEO: give search engines what they are looking for. I can talk about SEO all day long and you will probably get bored of me. I am just an SEO guy who is very passionate about SEO. I enjoy doing it and I love watching the website that I work on rank highly in search engine. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and it also keeps my clients very happy. I also enjoy teaching about SEO and internet marketing. I have shared a lot of SEO knowledge with my team and my clients. I am here to learn your business and help you grow your business. Your success is my success. This is the core of my business.

Performance Based Service

At SEO San Francisco, we offer what we called the performance based SEO service. Unlike many other SEO companies out there, we believe you should not have to pay for the service unless you are getting the results that you want. Results is what we want to deliver to you and it is our first priority to get your sites ranked. We believe you deserve your money back if we can not perform as we have promised. This is our guarantee:


And of course, it is our focus priority to get you to the number 1 spot! We will continue to work on your SEO until you are there. There are thousands of SEO companies out there but we want to give you THE BEST guarantee. We know what it takes to rank on top of Google. There have been tons of new Google algorithms updates in the last 6-10 months, but all our client’s sites still stay on the top even after these updates because we are constantly changing and updating our SEO techniques and methods.

I Like To Keep Things Very Simple, This Is How It Works:

So, if you want to try me out, I will rank your website or create a website for you. Within 180 days, I will rank the site on the first pages of Google (Depends on the competition) for your keyword, which means that hundreds, or maybe even thousands of additional potential costumers will come and visit your website. Once I do that, you will pay each month for the site as long as you like the results that you are getting.

Why Me?

Well, to start with, the good news to you is that I’m a real person who lives and works right here. I am not a piece of email. I am motivated to develop an ongoing business relationship with you. I’m just me. I don’t have all these overhead expenses that most companies are charging you. I go by result. In fact, there aren’t that many SEO specialists who really knows about SEO like me. You typically will fall into one of 3 SEO offer categories:

  1. 1: Offer to run the pay-per-click (CPC) ads, which is expensive but you do not get the same result as organic search result. Also your ads show up as paid ads, visitors often don’t like to click on paid ads.
  2. 2: Offer that give your website very low quality or spammy backlinks that Google hates. Your website might rank very high for very short period of time, but once Google finds out these spammy links, it will penalize your site and your site will disappear in search engine.
  3. 3: Once a while, you might encounter with legitimate SEO company, but they have much expenses and overheads. They are usually very expensive. Most of them aren’t local and you can not meet them in person, also they don’t guarantee results like I do.


With that been said, my business is very cost effective and simple to you. The deal structure is usually like this: As you agree, and I set up your website and work on getting it ranked (or ranking your existing website). We will customize the home page to with your phone number, your address, your logo and so forth. Once you get the result that you want, you can pay me monthly fee for my service as long as you like the results. I ask for 6 months commitment. After that it is month to month. Once things are underway, we can discuss further options and how things are progressing, that sort of thing.

I will also provide the following service:

  • -YouTube video ranking with your business number
  • -Social media (Facebook, twitter, Google+)
  • -Online Reputation Management

Ready To Try Me Out? Or More Question?

If you are ready to start today, or if you have any SEO related questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call (415) 449-0924 or sent us an email, and we will try to answer as many question as possible. We want to make it as clearly and transparent for you. We are here to help you and your business. Thank you!