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San Francisco Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (or SMM) is among the hottest trends to hit the Internet to-date. It’s virtually impossible in our increasingly digitalized society not to be familiar with—or at least hear about—popular social-networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

Social networking websites are a place where friends, family and colleagues can congregate and share important news, personal information, photos, videos and much more. Social media has also forever changed the way that businesses communicate with consumers via the Internet, allowing for a unique and revolutionary form of direct interaction that has the ability to reach target audiences in a way never before experienced.

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At SEO San Francisco, our team of social media specialists expertly establishes, manages and maintains client business pages on the most popular social networking sites. These outlets serve clients with a multi-functional purpose. Some of the key goals of our SMM Services, which are incorporated as a standard element of our customizable and individualized Holistic Marketing Campaigns, include:

  • Building an online community of faithful customers or clients
  • Reaching local or interest-based target audiences directly through engaging and relevant content
  • Spreading the word about important company news, special events, exclusive promotions, etc.


We achieve these objectives by working closely with clients to establish topical material for posts to their company profile pages that reflect daily news, routine updates and special announcements as a way of fully engaging their ever-growing social networks. Social Media Marketing is also a highly effective and widely utilized method for establishing brand awareness, building consumer loyalty and trust, driving website traffic and ultimately increasing inbound sales leads.

Some of the immediate functions of our San Francisco Social Media Packages include:

  • Social Network Account Management and Monitoring
  • Social Media Reputation Management, including Tracking Social Chatter and Keyword Usage
  • Improving Organic Search Rankings (SEO)
  • Promoting and Supporting Blog Article Writing & Distribution and Press Release Distribution
  • Video-Marketing Optimization, Distribution and Promotion
  • Building Relationships with Current and Prospective Customers
  • Providing Customer Support and Crisis Communication Management
  • Social Link Building (SLB) and Increasing Social Reach
  • Promotion of Local Business Mapping Directory Listings
  • Tracking Metrics and Building Custom Performance Reports for Clients
  • Providing Intelligent Metrics Via Client-Accessible Business Development Tools (Including Our Online Dashboard)


Social Media Marketing also plays an important role in our comprehensive Holistic Marketing Approach as a whole—working complementarily with other key strategic elements like regular on- and off-site blogging, AP-distributed press releases, SEO tactics, building links and other website optimization techniques, online-advertising efforts, marketing case study reports and more.

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