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Reasons To Optimize your Website

At SEO San Francisco, we’re committed to bridging the gap between the dually valuable functions of both traditional and online marketing techniques. Our unique and comprehensive approach is fully integrative of more than just basic SEO tactics. We also incorporate the separate but closely related tools of content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, public relations and more. And at the base of each client-centered and highly customizable Holistic Marketing Campaign is one, overarching objective—Website Optimization.

Web Optimization is Cost-Effective & Produces Valuable Results

Start by asking yourself: How much does my business spend on advertising every year? Then, take note of the fact that conventional advertising is both outdated and costly. Traditional collateral materials (like direct mail-outs, print ads, etc.), radio and television commercials—even billboards—have all been replaced by smoother, sleeker technological approaches to business promotion and development during the course of the digital age.

By optimizing your website through a synergetic combination of SEO-based techniques, your business can gain the most valuable “ad space” of all—top organic search ranking on Google and other major, high-visibility search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

In comparison to outbound leads (generated through traditional advertising approaches), inbound leads (generated by SEO-driven web exposure) are seven times more likely to close on average.

SEO San Francisco’s Approach to Full Website Optimization

Even before dedicating our efforts to keyword-focused, content-based search engine optimization strategies—which is what many people interpret as the sole-purpose definition of SEO—we will meet with you, either in-person or via a phone/video conference, to directly discuss all of your Marketing Goals and Expectations as well as your basic SEO-related needs. Our team will then create a individually customized plan for total optimization of your website—from the inside out.

Our web-programming experts begin the optimization process with a full Back Link Analysis and Cleanup, during which, we’ll communicate with Google directly to have bad links disavowed and get ready to give your site a fresh start. Next comes the research-intensive creation of a customized Link Building Roadmap, designed to guide the remainder of the Link Optimization process.

We’ll also conduct a complete technical audit of your website to identify point-by-point objectives for on-page assets—including meta tags, title tags, header tags, etc.—that warrant updating. Once we’ve built a detailed list of optimization goals and incorporated that into our Best Practices Instructional Guide for specific on-site performance-enhancing strategies, we’ll submit our report to you directly for internal implementation.

The next part of our exclusive Proprietary Formula for Website Optimization involves a deep SEO analysis, resulting in targeted keyword identification and the generation of a Custom SEO Roadmap. The Roadmap serves as an ongoing guide for promoting your brand online and driving optimal web traffic to your site through a combination of tactical strategies, including the creation of SEO Landing Pages that incorporate FAQs, contact forms, high-quality images and more. The purpose of these professionally written and designed pages is to create the ultimate lead-converting draw for potential customers or clients in each of your identified primary buyer-intent categories.

In the final steps of our comprehensive Website Optimization process, we’ll create two separate Sitemaps: one for your website specifically and the other for direct submission to Google, Yahoo and Bings’s respective Sitemap Programs. Our web developers will also implement Robot Files that hide anything on your site that should not be viewed or indexed by search engines—including internal documents and directories, etc.

Once preliminary optimization goals have been reached, we’ll move into a SEO-focused second phase, with the specific objectives of: generating fresh, keyword-centric Blog Content for both onsite and offsite placement, establishing Local Business Directory Listings and Local Mapping, Video Optimization, etc.
What Google has to say about SEO

What Google Says About SEO

As the most-used search engine worldwide, Google holds a supreme amount of influence over SEO, on virtually every single functional level. Google's Statements About SEO largely dictates to programmers and web-marketing professionals what factors most prominently sway organic search rankings—mandates that change routinely and regularly with each algorithm update released. While Pay Per Click Advertising (or PPC) remains largely unaffected by Google Updates, virtually any and every other element of SEO-affecting web-functions is on the chopping block.

What Yahoo says about SEO
Just to get an idea of how very often Google makes policy changes: during the 14-month period between August of 2013 and October of 2014 alone, a total of 18 updates were released—including modifications to the four major algorithms Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin and Pigeon. Not one of those releases was insignificant, either. According to a survey by InsideLocal on the most recent Pigeon Update, 58 percent of marketers made significant changes to their SEO strategies in response to the new algorithmic precedence.

SEO San Francisco - Certified Google Partners

At SEO San Francisco, we take Google Mandates very seriously. That’s why our team of online marketing and advertising experts has undergone hours of training and continuing education to become Certified Partners in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

How does that set us a far ahead of other, less-experienced San Francisco SEO consultants—and benefit our clients directly?

By staying on top of each and every change to Google's Terms of Service and search algorithms, we are able to guarantee Total Google Compliance. That means that our client-sites can avoid being penalized for not following Google’s ever-evolving and highly complex set of rules and regulations, which can significantly drive down search rankings almost instantaneously—while also gaining every advantage enabled by new algorithmic functions, implemented in a speedy and optimally effective manner.

Almost all of our primary tactical objectives at SEO San Francisco are directly formed and modified in accordance to Google updates. As the formulas have changed, we have adopted new policies and procedures accordingly—recently placing priority, for instance, on newer rank-influencing factors like site speed load-times and mobile compatibility.

It’s also important to note that SEO is slightly different for each major search engine—meaning that what works well on Google does not necessarily work the same way on other platforms, like Yahoo and Bing. That’s why, at SEO San Francisco, we also stay up-to-date on Yahoo SEO Policies, Bing Webmaster Guidelines and so on—all within the scope of our proven proprietary formulas.

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