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San Francisco PPC Services

At SEO San Francisco, we specialize in a highly customizable Holistic Marketing Approach, in addition to offering specific service packages. A major element of our customized marketing campaigns and individual service offerings is a solution for getting your website listed naturally at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs), called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. We also offer a much quicker solution to gaining high-visibility for your site through what is called Pay-Per-Click Advertising or PPC.

PPC Search Ads are the ‘sponsored listings’ you see on SERPS, appearing as text ads that are formatted similarly to the natural listings. This form of paid online advertising is considered highly effective, especially for businesses that are trying to build their online identity from scratch, because it creates prominent search engine placement within just hours!

PPC ads can effectively establish your business’ online presence, while other elements of a customized, Holistic Marketing Campaign—like social media management, content-based SEO and local mapping—are being implemented simultaneously to help build your company website to online authority status.

PPC advertising is a highly cost-efficient web-marketing strategy, because—as the name indicates—you’ll pay for ads only when someone clicks on one. When an ad is clicked, it will route the user to a customized, consumer-targeting landing page within your website that is crafted by our designers and writing team to generate inbound sales leads directly.

If you need to get page-one visibility on Google and other frequently used search engines, so that your business can begin receiving web traffic and inbound leads immediately, then PPC is the answer for you.

PPC advertising technology allows for geo-targeting of ads so that you reach globally relevant or local audiences specifically. And with the expert guidance of our highly experienced PPC account managers, you’ll also be able to set a maximum daily budget, program specific times to display your ads and even bid on how much each 'click' will cost you—a fee that can range from pennies to dollars.


Marketing experts agree that PPC Advertising Services and San Francisco SEO Services work best together, as part of a comprehensive web-marketing plan. Research shows that around 80 percent of search engine users click primarily on organic listings, which are considered most trustworthy by the vast majority of consumers. At the same time, amongst the 20 percent of users that do routinely access paid listings as inbound leads, conversion rates are considerably higher than those produced by outbound leads (i.e. cold calls, mail-outs and print ads—at an impressive ratio of nearly 15 to 1.

As a Certified Google AdWords Partner, we employ a team of the most experienced and skilled online-advertising professionals in the marketing-communications industry. Not only can our responsive, client-focused account managers help you build a PPC campaign that utilizes Search Ads to target search engine users—we can also guide you in incorporating other highly effective forms of online advertising to complement your customized internet-marketing campaign.

For instance, Remarketing and Display Ads can work together by targeting one-time visitors to your website with a continuous advertising campaign that is visible on a variety of external sites. Meanwhile, Social Ads will help further your promotional reach and enhance social media presence by using popular networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to reach specific target audiences directly.

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