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Search Engine Optimization, which most Internet professionals call SEO, is the process of creating quality content that the search engines will recognize as quality content. This means text. Search engines cannot read images. They cannot watch a movie. Google can now read and index some text that appears inside of Flash, but the results are uncertain.

You can use a Flash intro, but we would rather see you use Flash embedded on an HTML page so the search engines can read it. Before asking why your website is not ranked first, ask yourself, should your site be ranked first? Does your site provide more high quality, valuable, unique information on your industry than other websites? If not, SEO San Francisco will make your website a place where people will go to find accurate information.

Search Engine Optimization is Writing

A San Francisco Search Engine Optimization company must have talented writers who can use the English language well in order to create quality content for your site. We will use your key word phrases, but not over use them. The experts who write the search engine algorithms know the difference between a quality essay and a simple list of key words, used repeatedly, for no real purpose other than to trick the search engines.

Google gives priority to informational websites such as legitimate newspapers and magazines, social networks, and the broadcast media, over commercial websites that sell products or services. Therefore, in addition to writing articles for your website, it also helps to have an article published, and ask the newspaper or trade publication to link the article to your website. SEO is writing. Creating quality content for your website (on-site optimization) is one of the main things that we do.

SEO San Francisco Will Do It the Right Way

Every person has heard the way to rank well is to get a lot of crazy inbound links from unrelated sites. Forget it. The only legitimate purpose of a link is to send quality traffic to your website. Links are important, and the anchor text used in the links is very important, but only if they will send traffic to your site which will have a real interest in your website. Do you need a link from a car wash in some other country, if you are selling real estate or dental services? The search engines know the difference.

If you are in a competitive industry, your competition may do many things to get their site ranked ahead of you. The common tricks include creating doorway pages, using false or misleading key words, hijacking a high quality domain that has been abandoned or expired, linking with adult sites, etc.

We do not play those games. We follow the rules established by the major search engines. This benefits our clients because if the search engines discover any form of deception, a site can be banned. Do not worry about what other sites do; you can only get banned for what your site does. If zillions of unrelated websites link to you because you are on a directory page that they have copied, the search engines will not hold that against you, but they will attempt to ignore those links when calculating your rank. There is no long term advantage in trying to trick the system.

SEO San Francisco Likes Local Directories

It is very important to submit to local and global directories. The search engines crawl the directories constantly, and follow the links. The two most important directories – Yahoo and Open Directory – are built by human editors who judge the value of your site’s content. A listing in Open Directory Project (known as ODP or DMOZ) is free but totally unpredictable. Submit once (and only once) to the category you qualify for. ODP is run by volunteers. There is no way to know if or when you will be listed. If you do get in, your listing will be copied by thousands of other directories.

The higher you are listed in the directory, the better the result. A listing in a top category of the directory indicates that you are an expert. Always submit to the highest level category for which you qualify, and ask for a duplicate listing in regional (the city where you live). Most editors will give you a second listing, if you make the request and if your site qualifies. Your listing should appear within two weeks, and then the search engines will crawl your site on a regular basis.

There are many other important issues. The total SEO process is a combination of writing, clean HTML code, posting to social networks, and obtaining quality links from legitimate sites. At SEO San Francisco we study issues that change monthly, such as what makes a link illegitimate? How many inbound links do you need, and from what types of websites? How should the anchor text of each link be phrased? The world of Houston and Global Search Engine Optimization changes constantly, as the search engines improve their very complex algorithms we at SEO San Francisco study the results and adapt.

Buying Search Results?

It is not possible to buy search results from any of the major search engines. You can, however, purchase pay-per-click advertising which will appear near or above the search results. You pay only when someone clicks on the ad, thus the phrase pay-per-click or PPC. It costs very little to start but can become expensive if you do not have expert guidance.